Conspin Andi-One – the world’s first Android universal remote

By martyr Wong 04/11/2011, five:45 pm PT

Conspin Andi-OneAndroid crapper be pretty considerably modified to duty on some sort of figure â€" from phones to tablets and modify container stereos, there’s one farther more to add to the itemize of devices â€" coupler remotes. Conspin, a concept building and electronics concern has merged an Android tablet with a coupler far to create a sharp coupler remote. With threesome different interfaces- RF (RF4CE), IR, and WiFi, the far is capable up controlling up to 50 different harmonious devices (over 10,000 devices are supported). In addition to controlling your act theater, the truth that the far runs Android means you’ll be healthy to attain ingest of Android apps â€" this indicates custom far apps matured for Android devices crapper also be utilised on the far for a more illogical way to programme with the devices when the choice far doesn’t revilement it. And if there’s dead nothing to check on TV, you could often alluviation up games or surf the concern panoramic scheme with the tablet itself. The Conspin Andi-1 URC is obtainable today for $ 349.99. Promo video after the break:

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