BlackBerry Traffic app updated

By martyr Wong 04/11/2011, 5:35 pm PT

BlackBerry Traffic appRIM has meet announced that they will be emotional an update to their Traffic app over the incoming 24 hours. The update will bring BlackBerry Site visitors up to version 2…1749 and will provide users the following features: a choice to superior between 2 routes to a destination, as substantially as a place visitors analyse that displays predicted traffic conditions for every azygos route, the aptitude to add preset destinations (i.e. duty or residence), the ability to get an FTO to destinations from within the contacts list, or new entered addresses, an unforced way to deal ETAs through SMS, emails, or PIN messages. RIM has also produced the app such meliorate by analyzing anonymously composed data from users streaming the app as nicely as historical place visitors aggregation for a lot more accurate ETAs. Look for the update on the BlackBerry App World.

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