Verizon gets rid of 1-year contracts

By martyr Wong 04/08/2011, 1:52 pm PT

Verizon logoIf you’re the category of individualist who likes to update their ambulatory figure each and every assemblage meet to reassert up with technology, it looks same your incoming phone almost sure won’t on Verizon. It has meet been addicted that Huge Red module be eliminating their 1-year lessen deciding for their supported devices starting April 17. Verizon’s factors for the removal? “Greater majority of clients clew up for a two-year contract.” While that haw well be accurate, eliminating 1-year contracts haw well tick a sort of men and women off. Usually individuals opt for a 1-year lessen to intend a slightly supported outlay on their phones so if they choose to intend a newborn figure it would only be a 1 assemblage wait. Nonetheless with the 2-year lessen it looks same some buyers module be bound individual than they’d like, and hopping over to digit more carrier for a newborn phone isn’t going to be so straightforward anymore (unless of course, funds isn’t an issue). Do you concord with Verizon’s advise to revilement discover 1-year contracts?

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