Level Up Studios AR shirt has dragons and dancing old men popping out of your chest

By George Wong 04/08/2011, 4:19 pm PT

Level Up Studios AR shirtIf you possess a Nintendo 3DS, you intend admittance to Augmented Reality games, 1 of the most engrossing functions of the console. While most AR games are played with cards, the folks over at Level Up Studios hit decided to become up with an AR shirt instead. While the intent isn’t new, they’ve executed it genuinely well. With pleasant mini games where you end up shooting targets, and lastly a dragon which pops discover of the shirt wearer’s chest that you crapper kill. Even though AR shirts haven’t caught on however, if more organizations jumping on the bandwagon in the future, I crapper envisage feat discover to public locations with the 3DS is feat to be a great artefact to transfer the time while inactivity for the charabanc or train. Hit the break to check a video demonstrate of the Level Up Studios shirt. It is also acquirable for acquire now at $ 17.99.

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