Sony: Nintendo 3DS is for kids, Xbox 360′s DVDs not enough

By Raymond Wong 04/08/2011, 11:51 am PT

It is just an added day in the concern and Sony is erst erst more actuation its neb off. This instance in an discourse with Fortune, Sony Personal machine Entertainment of USA president Jack Tretton sounds soured on what he thinks most the PlayStation three and NGP‘s candid competition. Speaking on the Xbox 360, Tretton says that Microsoft’s housing is using noncurrent school with its games stored on DVDs as anti to the larger-sized Blu-ray discs the PS3 uses. He bashes the Wii as presently as again for not having a built-in arduous intend and for employing “cute” change controls. Did he block that Sony’s PlayStation Move is copying Nintendo’s? Tretton emphasizes that the modern Cell processor and Nvidia graphics in the PS3 crapper bit with time, whereas Nintendo and Microsoft will most probable have to promulgation newborn consoles to reassert up. Before patch up his interview, Tretton bashes the 3DS and DS loved ones as a figure that “no self-respecting twenty-something is going to be sitting on an airplane with” and lauding the NGP as the ultimate convergence figure that packs in everything that a consumer would want. Tretton relic totally pollyannaish presented the truth that the Wii’s outsold the PS3 because 2007 and the DS has oversubscribed such more than twice as many units worldwide than PSP. It’s ultimate to talk the talk, but crapper you Sony achievement the walk? If it can, I’m haven’t observed it but.

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