Crysis 2 developers want at least 8GB of RAM in next-gen consoles

By Raymond Wong – 04/17/2011

Even if you don’t undergo play PC games, you’ll most probable ease undergo what “But does it separate Crysis?” (Cheat sheet: it means “Is your PC’s CPU and GPU multipotent enough?”) Digital Foundry’s newborn Crysis 2 is just as beefy as Crysis was on PC. The exclusive bourgeois that’s denaturized this instance around is that the visually stunning mettlesome is no longer a PC-exclusive â€" it is also acquirable on Xbox 360 and PS3. Even though, trenchant as those recording mettlesome consoles are, they’re no correct for a $ 3,000+ gaming PC with overclocked quad-core processors and heaps of RAM. DF’s capital graphics organise Tiago Sousa says, “My finger-pointing at Microsoft/Sony would really be on the module side,” he said. “It’s artefact likewise low, and the large crippling bourgeois from a visual perspective. I would actually same to wager next-gen console platforms with a peak of 8GB.” The Xbox 360 has 512MB of RAM, whereas the PS3 has exclusive 256MB. In my opinion, a leap to 8GB would increase the toll of a console from “affordable” to “just for enthusiasts.” Interestingly, Sousa also says neither console versions separate in “true 720p” HD â€" Crysis 2 on Xbox 360 exclusive runs at 1152 x 720 resolution.

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