HP Veer claims that small is the new big

By Edwin Kee – 04/17/2011

HP isn’t discover of the game where handsets are concerned at the moment, and their upcoming phone is not only said to te the smallest, but is also the large as properly, the HP Veer. It could extremely well launch sometime early in Might, as HP has already sent discover invites to an event that they’re hosting on May 2nd, with the guest of take existence the uber small webOS smartphone. Apart from that, invitees were asked to alter an ID badge or “an AT&ampT/Finest Get Company card,” which could point towards the HP Veer incoming on AT&ampT in the nearby future.

This makes sense likewise if story was to be condemned into consideration, considering that both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus were component of AT&ampT’s steady in the past, so it isn’t likewise surprising to wager much more webOS-powered devices incoming in the nearby future. Of course, with Might decent a pair of weeks away, we do look to hear a aggregation more of the HP Veer in the coming period â€" be it leaks, snapshots or blurry wrecker shots.

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