Google Android suits up for businesses

By martyr Wong 04/08/2011, 2:06 pm PT

Google playing apps

Google has meet announced whatever newborn updates for Android to attain the operative program farther more striking in the joint environment. First up we hit a newborn Device Policy app that makes it doable for employees to locate lost or stolen devices on a map, anulus it in housing it is in the office, rest the figure PIN or even wipe the figure remotely via the newborn My Devices site. Although this genuinely helps private and confidential accumulation from unseaworthy out in the circumstance of a stolen/misplaced sound it would be farther meliorate if employees didn’t retrograde their phones in the initial location. The ordinal feature is the aptitude for users to encrypt every the aggregation on their Honeycomb tablets. Lastly, the inclusion of Google Apps Lookup that makes it effortless to show and occurrence men and women in your methodicalness â€" something that a regular sound aggregation crapper almost certainly do if you had every the contacts yourself, but for a mortal newborn to a methodicalness this would establish to be an valuable feature. Can we feature “move aside BlackBerry” however? Only time will tell.

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