Unofficial Windows Phone 7 updater removed

By George Wong 04/08/2011, five:18 pm PT

Windows Phone 7 jailbreak

Don’t block the Windows Phone 7 updater by Team ChevronWP7 that allowed you to update your WP7 sound disregarding of what help it may mayhap be and the warning Microsoft issued most it mayhap swing your phones into an unusable state? There had been disputes over the whole issue, with whatever folks locution that they’ve conventional notifications to official updates modify presently after updating their sound unofficially. Well it looks same it does’nt matter anymore. Regardless of disregarding of whether it negatively affects your WP7 figure or not, the ChevronWP7 updater has been pulled off the internet cod to the fact Microsoft told the developer that the agency was “breaking phones.” So there may substantially be a existence that users who updated their phones with the summary updater could be cragfast on NoDo forever. The developer is employed on how to sublimate the solution, but until then it looks same a program change of the sound to its example land rattling should do the trick, which not some users are selection to do for now. I surmisal we’ll have to wait for the incoming WP7 Update to come rattling first. Read the journal place most the updater existence removed.

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