HTC App said to offer hidden Wi-Fi network support in WP7

By king Kee – 04/14/2011

Windows Phone 7 users would have unconcealed out by today that they post it hornlike to opt a Wi-Fi network to join if it relic unseeable from view, but the enthusiastic individuals over at HTC have supplied a mend thanks to the Hidden Wi-Fi app. This is a totally liberated download, where it enables you to verify the obloquy of up to threesome Wi-Fi networks which do not programme SSIDs, which makes it excellent if you verify locate to alter between networks that tend to ingest the literal aforementioned security settings. As presently as you’re finished incoming them manually, you crapper hook up to them when the scenario calls for it as though they had been standard networks. Interested? You module be able to garner up the app for liberated of calculate in the Windows Phone Marketplace right now. Let us undergo how it goes, yeah?

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