WordPress.com got hacked, here’s what to do

By Hubert Nguyen – 04/14/2011


Automattic, the folks behindhand WordPress.com got hacked at the “root” level, which effectuation that the hackers potentially had access to *every thing* those servers were hosting, same WordPress.com and Vaultpress, but another services strength be strained as well.

The extent of the breach is not identified however, but your aggregation haw substantially not be bonded anymore, and your countersign strength be compromised already. It genuinely stinks to intend hacked, and it can verify a aggregation of instance to better from that, so it is most likely prizewinning to verify action now. How?

For most users, you exclusive will need to edit your password. In general, countersign are encrypted on the server, but if hackers hit them, they can yet fissure them in the richness of their “office”. Use a coercive countersign same #1dontwantt0behAcked!, or modify much more cryptic. The more random, the greater. There are modify utilities to effort your password’s strength.

For Vaultpress users, you really should envisage dynamical your FTP, MySQL and SSH passwords as that info was stored “somewhere” on Automattic’s servers. Once more, we don’t know the extent of the breach, but it takes exclusive minutes to edit those, compared to hours or life to better from a hacked site. Auttomatic haw possibly hit another services that I’m not old with, so meet be heedful of those as well. Be safe.

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