HTC Trace offers Swype-like performance with HTC Sensation

By Edwin Kee – 04/28/2011 12:47 EDT

Have you heard of the upcoming HTC-feeling, which will come in Mobile T? Well, it seems that this portion piece of hardware will also sport a keyboard-like interface Swype Trace recognized as the HTC. For those of you who possess Android smartphones and hit recreation with Swype before, chances are you would never convey to connatural touch typing keyboard not, or even if you do, you would hair torn discover your hit in frustration because of the relative unhurriedness and unhurriedness in the composition of the message.

and after all the UI presently Sense long the noncontroversial king when it skins for the Android platform, better than some LG or Samsung supplies to come discover of the incase – Course or equivalent from HTC Swype would not perceive to be a clone. This newborn keyboard is on devices that HTC Sense 3 appears to be one ..

It relic to be seen whether the HTC Swype Trace can possess in its game to beat – not much realistic keyboards on the fellow will be able to reddened a candle, what can Swype hold, so here's the HTC Trace modify the everything.

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