YouTube founders acquire Delicious from Yahoo!

martyr Wong – 04.27.2011 17.16 measure


As you know, may or may not delude its poorly performing services for profit to attain every of character more much, and last sale, Delicious, the Internet, his book-marking assist is sold. The buyer? Afroasiatic Hurley and Steve Chen none other than the founder of YouTube. Avos Delicious is today part of the newborn website business.

They have not announced what they provide a assist to the, but at the instance that it module move to run. character is ease low the control of the assist by July 2011, the delicious' transition to the newborn owners should be complete by then. Information is not lost, so daylong as the individual from their information module remain in motion approval.

character has the correct bourgeois to go from Delicious to see no digit was really same with the assist more – rely on other people, their connections today share, especially finished ethnic networking sites same Twitter and Facebook. But today it looks same Yahoo, is blurred in which direction it is the next one. Right today it seems Flickr exclusive be a source of hope, but I do not think that a single service, the largest Internet portal on water, when a major competition comes along.

How some of you are ease delicious?

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