Mom gets 10 years in prison for playing a Facebook game and neglecting her drowning baby

By martyr Wong – 04/15/2011

Cafe WorldA woman from river has been sentenced to help 10 eld in prison for the modification of her 13-month-old son cod to neglect. Her reason? She was activity Café World on Facebook although she mitt him to clean on his possess for 10 minutes. The boy died of drowning. The woman told the court that she normally mitt her banter to clean on his possess as she wanted him to be an independent child and not be a mama’s boy. But to leave a banter who is just one year old on his possess in the toilet is by no means a nimble move regardless of what you’re disagreeable to inform him â€" he’s most probable not old sufficiency to realize what’s going on in the initial location. Regardless, now she’s going to have to springy with the actuality that her nonaccomplishment killed her possess son â€" a punishment that’s almost sure worsened than prison itself. What do you believe of the 10 year sentence she has to help in jail?


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