Certified Windows Phone 7 microSD cards now on sale

By martyr Wong – 04/15/2011

Sandisk microSD for Windows Phone 7Don’t forget when Windows Phone 7 devices were rattling prototypal launched, users had been warned not to modify the module game exclusive their phones on their own? And that accepted microSD game could mayhap ruin the phone? Everybody was told to move for certificated module game to arrive, and today it looks same they’re lastly here. The folks at engadget hit patterned a firm hit of certificated 8GB Class four microSDHC game at an AT&ampT store. The microSDHC game are produced by SanDisk and module go for $ 32 a imbibe (8GB). No word on whether another brands or another sizes module be introduced but for today â€" users who hit been afraid to append module game into their WP7 devices hit a brand they can trust. How many of you hit already upgraded your WP7 phone’s module with uncertified cards? Have you encountered some problems?

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