White iPhone 4 spotted in leaked Verizon inventory listing

By George Wong – 04/15/2011

Verizon listing listing

Following months of false hopes, innumerous leaks, and tormenting teases â€" the albescent iPhone 4 module finally make its way into the hands of consumers. The legendary albescent iPhone quaternary has someways managed to exhibit its way out of its fantasy world and into ours. Earlier nowadays, the Wall Street Journal reportable that Apple had addicted that the albescent iPhone quaternary module be incoming this spring. Well given that the modify of outflow isn’t likewise far away, we figured the move wouldn’t be likewise lengthy. And now, the folks over at 9 to 5 Mac hit managed to reason some inner snapshots of Verizon’s inventory.

The photos exhibit a itemize of Apple goods in their inventory, and while it doesn’t specially state that a albescent iPhone 4 is arriving, the help drawing tell every thing. Searching at the iPad 2 tablets, you crapper wager that there are member models with the literal aforementioned name, but their help drawing differ by member digit, which course intend to the black and albescent models of the iPad 2. In the circled region that shows the component with an uncharted name, it has the very aforementioned help variety as the iPhone 4 eliminate that it differs by a single member â€" meet same the iPad 2. This way occurs for both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the iPhone four. So unless this is some variety of nonachievement in the listing program or Verizon’s way of playing a joke on us â€" you crapper anticipate the albescent iPhone quaternary to come anytime now.

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