Motorola Droid Bionic to be canceled?

By Edwin Kee – 04/14/2011

Everything seemed hunky dory for the Motorola Droid Bionic‘s start in the ordinal lodge of the year, where whatever grouping have modify seen it appear in a bunch of databases. Well, not everything is as it seems, since there are today rumors swirling most that the Droid Bionic strength actually be canceled cod to problems with the hardware, where it strength meet be replaced by the Motorola Targa. The Droid Bionic module sport a dual-core processor, and along with its bunch of specifications, whatever grouping strength modify call it the Atrix 4G Lite. Said sound has been touted to amend a slew of issues during its investigating phase, and it won’t prognosticate substantially for Verizon if the consort rolls out a phone that is plagued with so many problems correct from the get go. Perhaps a more steady LTE help would do meliorate in the large scheme of things? All in all, we are hunting forward to an official statement on the situation â€" or perhaps, for the Droid Bionic to be declared in a advise promulgation somewhere, sometime downbound the road.

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