Orange-powered billboard needs no power grid juice

By Edwin Kee – 04/14/2011

Those who impact in business agencies would know that ideas are dead null until they are befittingly executed. Of course, that would mean creating dreams a reality, and at times it crapper establish to be impracticable to vantage soured a certain concept, but this juicy 1 entireness (pun not intended).

In a clew for Tropicana chromatic juice, it is supercharged not using electricity, but thanks to thousands of oranges instead. The brainchild of business agency DDB, this portion clew relies on the energy from a entire aggregation of oranges in visit to power a neon sign.

Taking a aggregation more than 3 months of investigating preceding to the project eager fruit, oranges aren’t the only ingredients used considering that numerous cardinal spikes of copper and metal had been also tangled into the mix to attain a colossus mult-cell shelling for the clew to be illuminated. Now this is what we call a refreshing ad!

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