New Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB wireless memory card offers instant uploads

Eye-Fi-Mobile-X2 Eye-Fi Inc. undraped their newborn Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB wireless module card, which lets you directly upload images anywhere by wirelessly connecting your digital camera to a smartphone or tablet.

Priced at $ 79.99, the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB provides a newborn “Direct Mode” and app for iOS and Android devices which enables the Eye-Fi bill to found a candid unification to your harmonious figure via Wi-Fi. When the unification is set, you can beam photos and videos directly from a digital camera to the Eye-Fi app on your device.

“Direct Mode advantages modify beyond device-to-device transfers. Whether or not users poverty to modify their memories using the myriad of apps on their ambulatory devices, back them up on their house pc, or save them in a private Eye-Fi account, they now hit the plasticity and control of where, how and when the media is stored, altered and shared.”

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