Nokia-Microsoft deal inked

By martyr Wong – 04/21/2011 05:43 UTC

Nokia Windows Phone 7The Nokia-Microsoft alinement came as a shocker when it was declared a rattling awhile ago, but backwards then info weren’t confirmed, and everything seemed a bit sketchy. Even the release dates for the upcoming Nokia-Windows Phone 7 devices were every over the place, with reports of the phones arriving after this year, and whatever say next year, and the fact that rumors of prototypes already created didn’t assistance country points up either.

Well today we undergo that Nokia and Microsoft hit addicted their partnership, as declared on the authorised Nokia blog. They are already employed unitedly toward a multi-year component roadmap and are on schedule to start delivering Nokia-WP7 phones in 2012, though they’re still unstoppered to the possibility of a phone after this year.

At least today we undergo that Nokia devices are on the way and we don’t hit to stop our respite for a figure to come this assemblage â€" it haw or haw mayhap not verify place. Read far more about the language over at Nokia’s journal or watch the mass recording where Microsoft and Nokia handle about their strategic alliance.

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