Google working together with Spotify to launch music service?

By martyr Wong – 04/22/2011 15:08 PDT

Google Spotify

In the most past twist of events in the cloud-music project - Google haw be partnering with an existing assist to power their Google Music service. As preceding rumors hit stated â€" Google’s talks didn’t go down to properly with the penalization labels and their darken penalization assist haw be relegated to meet a penalization hardware compartment instead. However, new rumors hit surfaced locution that the search engine giant has been in talks with Spotify most the full penalization situation.

In housing you didn’t know, Spotify is a popular penalization moving assist across the ocean Ocean that our dweller neighbors enjoy to use. For rattling some instance now, Spotify has been trying to break into the US mart as well. But so far, like Google, they’ve been unsuccessful â€" with rumors of deals nearing to a near for rattling some instance now, we ease haven’t noticed any progress.

Google has had a history of acquiring services in areas which they haven’t been healthy to do quite properly in â€" housing in point, the acquisition of YouTube in the recording moving enterprise. So although Google haw substantially not acquire out Spotify this time, a partnership between the two organizations wouldn’t seem out of the question. Even so, both Google and Spotify hit refused to interpret on the rumors, so as far as we know, it could all be meet hearsay. But if much a partnership ever happens in the future, it wouldn’t be surprising.

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