Microsoft counting down the days until Windows XP dies

By George Wong – 04/22/2011 17:40 PDT

Windows 7Microsoft seems to be in the habit of wanting to blackball off their old goods these days. Last period the Redmond giants started a countdown tender for World panoramic scheme Explorer 6 â€" showing the proportionality of IE6 usage every around the concern and letting the concern know about their assignment of detractive those drawing to zero.

Now, Microsoft has meet launched a new countdown â€" this instance in the form of a gadget, it counts downbound the sort of life mitt prior to they lastly modify their hold for Windows XP. As of these days, the old operative information has 1081 life mitt â€" 2014 will be the assemblage they kibosh supporting it.

Microsoft has previously tried to modify hold for Vista backwards in 2009, but with Vista performing poorly and not genuinely substance any field improvements over the operative system, they were evenhandedly considerably unnatural to ready it alive. However, when Windows 7 was a success and widely adoptive worldwide, they’ve dead turned on the offense, and hit been attempting to push XP out of the picture.

Windows 7 has an XP-compatibility mode to hold XP-only programs, newer versions of World panoramic scheme Explorer won’t work on XP and IE10 won’t work on Vista â€" they essentially want everybody to raise to the newest edition of the operative method. And today with the countdown gadget, they’re gift XP users a constant reminder that hold is coming to an end. 1 factor interesting to know though, given that the countdown is a gadget, it will exclusive separate on Windows Vista or Windows 7 â€" and XP users won’t be healthy to know how lengthy they hit mitt until they upgrade. Carelessness on Microsoft’s part? Or was it intentional? You determine. Download the Windows XP End of Support Countdown Gadget.

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