Smartphone snatching on the rise in NYC subway

By Hubert Nguyen – 04/22/2011 14:03 PDT

iphone theft

According to a WSJ report (subscription needed) that quotes NYPD  transit honcho Raymond Diaz, smartphone snatching has been ascension at an alarming rate, despite the fact that it is not clear how such of that contributes to the 18% improve in grand stealing incidents in the very first lodge of 2011. In some case, the Police suggests that “rush hour” is the desirable hunting instance for the thieves. They garner symptom where a “snatch and run” is easy, so those placing a call in the middle of a auto are mayhap such less at risk than users settled nearby a door…

Whilst this is a fairly newborn spike in NYC’s subway, it is sure not a denseness elsewhere in the world. For instance a friend of mine meet got her iPhone 4 snatched from her hand in Paris/France, and those who went to Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress crapper confirm that you’d greater reassert an receptor on your smartphone whilst riding the subway.

What is modify such more astonishing is that in spite of years of reinforced technologies, there is still no artefact to surely prevent taken phones  from becoming engaged again, thence reducing the incentive to steal/purchase in the 1st place. Despite the fact that there has been a lot of efforts to do so in the past, the taken figure is most likely to be disposable in a foreign country, with a traveler that doesn’t care (most don’t). And that makes sense: carriers like newborn buyers and hit virtually no incentive for stopping radiotelephone theft. Right after all, they might intend a newborn customers out of it, and there’s absolutely null tastier than a phone that has been supported by an individualist else.

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