Nyxboard Hybrid XBMC remote

By Edwin Kee 04/05/2011, 7:50 pm PT

Now here is a far control that was specially shapely for the XBMC platform, where it comes in the modify of the Nyxboard Hybrid. Not exclusive does it impact pertinent discover of the box with the hugely well-known media center platform, it is also, in reality, the first far of its kind for the XBMC. Supporting IR in visit to undergo its persona as a coupler far for your Television, every acquire module come with an RF musician that module impact with your act building device without the want for line-of-sight. On the front of the far lies the lawful intensity and channel buttons, playback controls and a directional pad whilst on the flip lateral would be a QWERTY keyboard. What makes the Nyxboard Hybrid defence discover would be a built-in gyroscope, letting the far undergo which lateral is covering upright. Fundamentally, this allows you to let your fingers diversion every over the picture keyboard without having having it causing an inadvertent intensity alter from the buttons on the oppositeness end. Pre-orders defence at $ 59.99 with a June 27th promulgation date, despite the fact that there are already whatever rumblings on the ground that this could be meet a lot more than what most folks are selection to clear for â€" what do you think?

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