webOS smartphone could be the Stingray

By king Kee 04/05/2011, 11:59 pm PT

HP’s upcoming Stingray figure could quite nicely be this unnamed and unnamed webOS smartphone figure that was caught in the wild. Guesstimates saucer towards a concealment partitioning of 480 x 800 pixels, alongside what looks same a front-facing camera â€" though there is commonly the possibility of that decent a closeness sensor. Presently, there are whatever unassigned webOS codenames in the gossip mill, which are Mansion, Stingray, and Windsor, and it seems that the Stingray might pick up the gong for this presented that the figure does resemble that of a Pre threesome â€" sans a slide-out keyboard, of course. Either way, we will just have to wait for an authorised confirmation before speculating some boost and feat soured the charts.

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