QTVan in tow by electric scooter

By king Kee – 04/25/2011 22:29 PDT

Want to live a genuine chromatic Hobbit artefact of life? You won’t be healthy to go wrong with the QTVan, as this is one cute little lodging that was specially designed by arts business Environmental Transport Association (ETA), where it module be pulled by of every things, an electric scooter. The ETA has touted this to be a mini camper of sorts, creating it the construct container to beat the crowd in richness and style.

Of course, you can’t look every of the someone conveniences that are related with significantly large campers, but in a collection that measures just slightly farther more than two meters in length, you module encounter a full-size bottom inside, repast assist (hey, it was matured by the arts presently after all), a flooded forbid (hmmm, now that’s essential to wind down after a lengthy, hornlike period at work) and a 19″ flat-screen Television to reassert you entertained whenever there isn’t anything fascinating event outside. Heck, with a 30-mile arrange and a 6mph directive speed, you may mayhap not be healthy to intend too farther absent from the lodging park, but maybe whatever tourist attractions in the positioning may be of interest to you. 

The QTVan is proud to be 100% carbon neutral, where you module also be healthy to acquire a mobility powerboat margin curbside assistance plan that ensures every emergencies are covered, ranging from expiration of charge to insipid tires. Interested? The QTVan module retail for £5,500 â€" that means most $ 9,000, sans scooter.

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