Yahoo! acquires IntoNow: targeted advertising next?

By George Wong – 04/25/2011 18:49 PDT

IntoNowIt has lately been produced open that Yahoo! has acquired a minor startup playing named IntoNow. IntoNow are the creators of the iOS Television check-in app that launched just a couple of months ago. The IntoNow app, which recognizes the audio of the exhibit you’re watching, identifies it, tags it and puts it up on your ethnic networks for everyone to wager what you’re perception to is same some variety of Foursquare â€" but for Television.

Even though it isn’t country what Yahoo! module be performing with IntoNow, in the advise release it is mentioned that “The constituent of IntoNow module enable Yahoo! to wage enhanced media experiences and recording programming, bolstering its ethnic contact across the Yahoo! network and on every screens.” The folks over at PC World conceive that with the power of IntoNow’s app, Yahoo! module be healthy to produce a whole newborn papers for targeted advertising.

Envision this: you wager an ad for a portion dish restaurant on Television, and cod to the fact IntoNow knows what you’re watching, it crapper push a reduction coupon or promo cater for that dish location to your sound at that quite moment. This modify of business could establish to be pretty profitable. What do you feel? Check discover IntoNow for liberated on the App Store.

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