Secret “Easter Eggs” discovered in the Nintendo 3DS

By Raymond Wong – 04/24/2011 15:22 PDT

Happy Easter every person! I wish you’re having a blast with your riches hunt or performing whatever it is you’re performing to verify feeling in the weekend. If you bought or received a new Nintendo 3DS (check conceive my analyse here) and are hunt at it questioning what added can it do likewise endeavor 3D games, verify 3D pics and endeavor music, this diminutive delicacy may well chafe your interest.

3DSFocus discovered a clump of Easter foodstuff unseeable within the 3DS. My selection is nearly certainly the paroquet mimicking my voice in the 3DS Sound app. Go ahead and crest by way of the list. Which digit is your favorite? Did you conceive digit that isn’t on the list? If you did, permit us know downbound in the comments below.

Nintendo loves to hide pleasant diminutive points inside of its systems and the 3DS is no exception.

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