Sony “re-building” PlayStation Network for added security

By Raymond Wong – 04/24/2011 14:45 PDT

PlayStation NetworkAs we start the fourth period of Sony’s downtime with the PlayStation Network caused by an “external intrusion,” Sony issued an defence locution that it’s not only disagreeable to alter the on the scheme assist backwards up as presently as possible, but it’s also “rebuilding [PSN] to boost strengthen [PlayStation's] stock network.”

Here’s the authorised evidence from the authorised PlayStation weblog:

We truly feel that PlayStation Network and Qriocity services hit been suspended, and we are working around the measure to alter them both backwards on the internet. Our efforts to resolve this matter refer re-developing our system to boost strengthen our meshwork infrastructure. Although this employ is time-consuming, we definite it was worth the time required to provide the information with extra security.

We impart you for your patience to date and communicate for a lowercase far more although we advise towards termination of this project. We will move to provide you updates as they invoke out to be available.

So there you go. When PSN goes backwards up, it should be kinda fortified. Yeah, it’s the Easter pass and PlayStation gamers can’t get online to frag every azygos other. Doesn’t that just smash a great weekend?

Here’s to hoping Sony resolves whatever issues are plaguing PSN quickly. Keen commenters hit spinous out that a some years past Xbox Live suffered from a two hebdomad outage. Comparatively, four days for a totally liberated assist rattling should be kinda tolerable. Why not dust soured those old commission games or read a new book modify though Sony entireness to fix the problems?

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