Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 announcement soon?

Raymond Wong – 03.05.2011 05.29 measure

Enjoy your Call of Duty: Negroid Ops: The Xbox 360? Not cushy to escalation. According to CVG, Craig Fairbrass, a vocalise actor, employed for both equal War 1 and 2 would hit to miss DLC 3 that he did Warfare, whatever vocalise function for the modern day. Faibrass allegedly told Talk Sport that he was "only in LA something to be declared May and that"

Rumors hit Activision declared the mettlesome in the coming weeks. When Modern Warfare 2 oversubscribed 20 million copies of success is an indication, you crapper bet your ass dry, that Activision is milking a concern until it. Fairbrass' admission that he is, in a rattling practical confirmation.

You know how it works. Take the programme with a grain of salt if you do not consortium rumors. If you'll defence me, I hit to stop enrollee actuation up and downbound same a lowercase dizzy.

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