DC Universe Online players get free game time and a Batman-inspired mask

George Wong – 05/04/2011 12:32 EDT

DCUO Batman-inspired mask

Sony has had) whatever tough nowadays SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) in instance with their PSN terminal (PlayStation Network servers downbound for more than a week, and yesterday was their computer I hit disabled, because discovery of added section breach. Although promised subscribers a period liberated of PSN PSN Plus, their people, whatever meet not mitigated with, because modify with the cost-free months PSN Plus, did not modify the fact that they lost valuable instance for online games same MMOs DC Universe.

Since SOE has – which effectuation that modify if players hit admittance PSN, they crapper not endeavor DCUO Sony's "welcome back" plan DCUO player so beautiful. DCUO All players intend a 30 period assign for liberated entrance and an additional period for each period that the assist is not available, which essentially effectuation in that liberated endeavor instance for all. All players also receive a unequalled Batman-inspired mask (which we adopt will not be available mostly in the game).

Sony has also found that dweller and dweller PlayStation 3 and PC together in quaternary super-server computer to turn waiting times. Hopefully players will hang on daylong sufficiency to gain the fruits. How some of you suffer retraction symptoms is not ever register in a position to DCUO?

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