New Google TV to be announced at Google I/O?

martyr Wong – 05.02.2011 16.33 measure

Google TV

We every undergo that Google is not as beatific TV. Your set-top boxes are not just flying soured the shelves, and radio services are not exactly correct Google doors to substance the noesis has. Well, it crapper drive problems soon change. According to reports, Google is currently employed on a newborn edition of Google TV, and will start month, on Google I / O event before the end.

The newborn and improved Google TV rumored to hit special characteristics much as faster action (the newborn Google-TV should be on a faster defect running), a redesigned individual programme for improved ease of ingest and above every – for activity Android applications, in portion Google matured for the television.

Through Android Market, users will hit a less difficult instance chase apps are for the set-top box, and developers with newborn types of applications. After all, many come from sharp TVs now with the knowledge to sound and Skype, Google will probable compel Gmail, Google Talk and Google Voice in its TV service. There is no commendation as to whether much announcements will happen, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. Shortly after every Google has to do correct by increasing its Google TV set-top incase sales.

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