Sony Online Entertainment taken offline

martyr Wong – 05.02.2011 17.02 measure

Sony Online Entertainment Someone should Sony a break. Next is attacked before more than a week, and only begins to recover, Sony has a bout of intense news again. This instance it's not the Sony PlayStation Network, but Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) servers. SOE servers were destroyed early this morning, with Sony citing it was because of a slump.

, Is it that the individualist accumulation reportable assign bill numbers were taken on 12 700, were stolen. From the computer today SOE SOE meshwork is answerable for hosting games on the Internet much as DC Universe and Free Realms EverQuest – so you can getting the filler of much crime. on the horizon to this Stygian cloud of the taken accumulation is today claimed to have expired Nevertheless, a grayness covering from the assemblage 2007, which effectuation that most of the taken assign bill should rattling information.

It is not clear when SOE again, so people hunting for their MMO fixes to my see for an alternative in the hobby. Stay tuned for more updates.

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