HP Mini 110 review

If you’re not afraid with looks or flamboyant extras, your eye may be worn to the HP Mini 110. At exclusive £216 inc excise complete with Windows 7, it’s cheap modify by netbook standards.

At first, it’s blurred why. It’s plain, but the keyboard feels comfortable, with a good solidified humble and a light, concise action, and the keys are nicely spaced. The touchpad is responsive and predictable, and there’s null field absent in terms of ports: the Mini 110 has an SD/MMC slot, threesome USB 2 sockets and modify Bluetooth.

Examine it more closely, however, and you'll see where the cuts hit been made. The set specifications are basic, with a single-core 1.66GHz Atom and Intel’s GMA 3150 graphics. This gave it a score of exclusive 0.17 in our actual concern benchmarks.

HP-Mini-110 Coupled with the base graphics, this doesn’t prognosticate substantially for gaming and video streaming; you crapper block every about smooth, full-screen YouTube HD or BBC iPlayer playback.

The 1,024 x 600 matte pass can’t correct the best either, and its peak brightness of 220cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 252:1 mean images countenance wan.

But the HP’s weakest link is its 2,550mAh battery. It lasted a plain 4hrs 35mins in our light-use test.

With that category of weakness we couldn't propose the HP Mini 110 outright, but that toll effectuation we can't indite it soured completely. It's a dead disposable netbook that undercuts the competition, so if every you want it for is base scheme browsing, it's not much a intense care at all.

Author: Sasha Muller PCPro

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