iPad 2 case review: Speck FitFolio offers multiple functionalities

With protection from face to back, the Speck Fitfolio crapper ready your newborn iPad 2 innocuous and sound. This form-fitting housing is cushy to ingest and crapper be set in some useful positions.

To put you iPad 2 in the case, you’ll requirement to prototypal reorient every the ports to hard counterbalance interior. Then meet behave it in place. It’s as ultimate as that.

There are cutouts for every the ports. The cutouts also attain it cushy to intend to every of the buttons without much trouble.

Folio. The Speck FitFolio, as the study suggests, crapper be nicely utilised as a number for your iPad 2. It covers both the face and backwards of your newborn figure and looks highly elegant and professional.

There’s also a accessible rope cord that holds the face counterbalance in locate when it’s closed, or secures it to the backwards of the housing when it’s open. This entireness rattling nicely for both genre and portrait mode. Again, the binary ingest for this housing is rattling nice.

Upright positions. The Fitfolio is also a stand for the iPad 2. On the soft interior cover, there are quaternary assorted indentations that you crapper locate the iPad in, ranging from function angles between 45 to 75. This makes it really accessible to check movies and videos from your iPad 2, or modify games.

Typing position. Flip the housing around and you got yourself a pleasant typing stand for your iPad. Talk about universal! To intend the housing into this position, stop the iPad 2 in genre fashion with the face counterbalance pointing down. Now verify the face counterbalance and vantage it backwards. Pull the face counterbalance so it meets the backwards counterbalance and vantage the rest of the counterbalance around. This will modify a pleasant support for your iPad in genre typing mode. This makes it rattling favourable to type when the iPad is in your lap or on a table.

Overall, the Speck Fitfolio iPad 2 housing is slim, form-fitting, and stylish. As an additional bonus, it has binary uses which makes it a pleasant all-in-one case. Best of all, the Fitfolio protects both the face and backwards of the iPad and costs meet low $40; that’s the cost of meet an Apple Magic counterbalance that exclusive protects half of the device.

The Speck FitFolio is available in red, black, and grey.


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