5 Easy Steps to Become an Ubuntu Power User For Newbies

More and more people are migrating to Ubuntu Linux on unprecedented proportions. However, most if not all, of these new users are people who have no prior knowledge of Linux god. Put the power Ubuntu Linux users can be summarized in five simple steps that each new user in any category you will find easy and fun to spend. Using Ubuntu is more than just run the OS, it is joining an ideological movement of freedom, which I think symbolizes the Statue of Liberty in the United States. Read on to become the next Mark Shuttleworth.

Step 1 -. Join Forum

The first thing you should do as a new user, Ubuntu is to join the Forum. This is a very useful place where you can get yourself acquainted, make friends with newbies like you and more experienced geeks, ask any question you have about Ubuntu and Open Source in general, join any ongoing discussions, and more. I also advice you to take time everyday to visit. Be an active participant. If you prefer, you can even subscribe to the feed in the Forum. But whatever the case, please note that to join the Forum and you will be amazed at how much you get for free learn ..

2 Step -. Get your own personal guide

It is highly recommended to get their own guide on the Ubuntu and Linux in general. Linux is more than the subject to be learned from something you just used. With Ubuntu Linux, you always have something to learn and it is very worthwhile considering the fact that Linux is ready to be the future of computing. Also to improve their numeracy skills when they learn as much as you can on Linux. You'll also be surprised at the kind of happiness that you experience when successfully troubleshoot your own system very frist time without the help of anyone. Two of my personal favorite guide to Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu 9.04 and Kubuntu 9.04, 4-disc DVD set includes Linux Training Library, "Introduction to Linux" video-DVD also includes a printed Quick Reference Card Linux commands, 32-bit set and Ubuntu Linux Tool: 1000 + Commands for Ubuntu and Debian power users. They are very powerful reference guide, you must have in your home or office.

Step 3 -. Ask, ask, ask

Whatever problems you may face in using Ubuntu Linux, be sure to know that someone out there has encountered this problem before and all you need to do to get it resolved to ask. This brings us to the first step in entering the forum. You should also be using Google a lot. Just Google your question and get millions of others results in seconds. Do not shut your mouth when you are having problems and running back to Windows simply because they've had problems with Ubuntu Linux. You must ask for help. To get even more specific suggestions on the forums, you should make it clear that you are a newbie. Most people are willing to help more than any other newbies. Do not let your friends pick on Windows with the age old phrase "This is Linux for you" just because you are not pitati.Rješenje Ubuntu Linux for each problem is as simple as asking the right place.

Step 4 -. Experiment with your system

the only sure fire way to get Linux geek in practice, and what better practice is there than to experiment with your own system. Always have a backup of your system and experiment with other ways of using Ubuntu. Do not just settle for the default installation settings. Apply skills and tips you learn in the above books as you can read about other methods of getting things done and apply them. Read more widespread and applied. Be sure to always backup your system though. Try to use other tools such as Compiz and many others. Experiment with how to make your system a unique and you will be surprised at how much you get to learn by doing.

Step 5 - Helping others from

This is the most important step of all five. Ubuntu Linux users worldwide community of people who believe in "humanity to others", and as such, should strive to help others out as much as you can. If all you know how to run the LiveCD, to share that knowledge with someone. Anytime you visit, be sure to look for new customers like you and share my little experience with them. Help as much as you can. Go out of your way to be very helpful for new users with every single bit of knowledge you have. More than 10 million people are using and benefiting from a powerful, reliable and secure OS, because one man believed in returning drugima.Najmanje what you can do is share my experience with those in need. You'll be amazed at the level of knowledge you can get your share with others.

The practice of these simple but powerful points, and in no time you'll be on your way to be a monster that others will look for help and support.

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