Netbook Operating System - Windows Or Linux?

type of work you do on a netbook will determine the type of software you install on it. This is where you need to make a very important and fundamental decisions - the choice of operating system you want on the netbook.
The operating system is the main program that controls how any computer radi.Velika most desktop and notebook computers have Windows XP or Windows Vista as the operating system with Apple OSX operating system other place on the machines, such as the iMac and MacBook.

However, most netbook manufacturers allow you to choose between Windows XP and various versions of Linux, which is a free operating system beloved computer boffins, but generally considered too complicated for the day-to-day use at home or in office.

The reason for this is simple - netbooks were supposed to be cheap arid affordable, but pay fees for a copy of Microsoft Windows, you can add as much as 50 pounds on the cost. In contrast, various versions of Linux - which usually have names such as Ubuntu and Linpus - are what is known as "open source" software. This means that people who developed the software basically give it away to the world out of the goodness of his heart. If you are looking at paying £ 250 for a netbook with Windows, and then switching to the Linux model, which costs £ 200 a savings of 20 percent.

However, some people will run out of miles before you even see the machine running Linux. It is true that Linux is the operating system is the easiest way to get to grips with, but the netbook manufacturers make an effort to simplify their own versions of Linux and provide a simple software package that will help you get started. As well as programs for browsing the web and handle e-mail, many netbooks copies of the free OpenOffice suite, the Linux equivalent of Microsoft Office allows you to work with word processing and spreadsheet documents on a Windows PC if necessary.
No need to be scared of using Linux netbook. It's easy to get to grips with, and you can be surfing the Internet or creating documents in no time at all.

On the other hand, if you're already used to using Windows on your computer then netbook running Windows will be instantly familiar, and that will allow you to get started without learning how to use new software. But if you buy a netbook with Windows you should check to see what other software is included in this as well. Many Windows netbooks have a copy of Microsoft Works, which includes word processing and spreadsheet features that are compatible with the more expensive Microsoft Office. However, we have seen some Windows netbooks that do not involve any additional software. You could always install your own copy of a work or office, but no netbook built-in CD or DVD drive, you will need to buy an external DVD drive to install software from a CD or DVD discs.

Fortunately, most netbooks have a good set of connectivity options, including more USB ports that will allow you to connect an external CD or DVD drive. They usually have a wireless networking features too, so you can connect to hotspots in Internet cafes or other places.

Its early days for the netbook phenomenon right now, and new models are emerging almost weekly. However, if you note the key points we've listed here, you can be sure that you will be able to choose a netbook that is just right for you.

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