Jusuf Kalla: Stop Inter-Ethnic Clashes in Tarakan

Former Vice President Jusuf Kalla assess the clashes that occurred in Tarakan, East Kalimantan unnecessary.

According to Kalla, the problem happens there is a problem of individual criminals, so that he regretted the tribal sentiment has occurred.

"First it was the individual criminal problems, has suddenly become a tribal sentiment," said Jusuf Kalla in Jakarta on Wednesday night.

According to Kalla, Tidung interethnic clashes with ethnic migrants from Sulawesi, Bugis must be stopped immediately. Kalla sure people can exercise restraint and halt clashes with the way dialogue facilitated by regional leaders.

Bugis original Kalla appealed to people not easily provoked by ethnic issues. He asserted that these clashes do not need to happen.

He gave full settlement of the clashes in Tarakan on the government. "Tonight I hear the meeting and had no results," said Kalla.

Clashes occurred between ethnic Tidung with ethnic migrants from Sulawesi, Bugis. Clashes began from beating the child victims of Abdullah, Abdul Rahmansyah by five people on Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 22:30 pm. At that time Abdul Rahmansyah Korpri crossing in the complex.

Suddenly, Abdul Rahmansyah intercepted five strangers. "Beaten, injured and hospitalized in Tarakan," said Deputy Chief of Police Public Relations Division, Gen. Pol Luckily I Ketut Yoga Ana.

After that, Monday, September 27 at 00.00 WITA parents Abdul Rahmansyah, Abdullah along with six other Tidung pengeroyok trying to come to his son. Commotion broke out. "In the incident that killed one man, Abdullah," said Untung Yoga. Indonesia Today

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