West Papua Earthquake, Tsunami is going on

Kaimana regency of West Papua in an earthquake measuring 7.4 Richter shakes before dawn, 30 September 2010. Residents were panicked. Some fled into the hills because of the tsunami issue. Still wary, residents chose not to move

Police Chief Anthony Kaimana AKBP Wantri Julianto said panicked residents fleeing into the mountains. ''Some time after the earthquake, residents jump out of the house, then the issue will occur following a tsunami, they then run to higher ground. But it only briefly. Some residents have returned to their homes. "

According to him, even though the epicenter was 141 kilometers southeast of the City Kaimana, but guncangannya very hard. "It's just a moment. But guncangannya amazing, I just got surprised," he said.

Regarding the damage, said police chief, has not been found. He said the activity also has been running a normal citizen again, several hours after the quake.

A resident named Risdo S. said he panicked because we heard there are issues tsunami. "My time with the family was fast asleep, suddenly the house seemed shaken. Then we got out of the house. Apparently Another residents also had scrambled out. "

In fact, there are also people who directly transported the truck into the hills. "They just bring lunch potluck. And the truck was transporting back and forth several times," he said.

According to their Risdo tsunami panic hear the issue, because it also saw the sea recede, not as usual. ''We've never seen the sea water receded to dry completely so. It also is creating a panic. "

Risdo reveals today some of the office chose not to move, because people are still wary. Schools were deserted, parents worry that choose not to allow their children to school. " We're still worried lest the tsunami issue was true. " Indonesia Today

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