Kalimalang Terror: Bomber Trying to Escape

Actors who bring explosives using a backpack on a bicycle when the explosion occurred at around 8:15 pm had tried to get up and rush about to escape.

"We immediately grasp and secure the perpetrator who was suffering from neck and facial injuries," said a police officer AKP Herrera, at the scene Thursday.

Actors then secured with a bicycle and material such as nails.

"The victim when it is injured and subsequently taken to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital," he said.

A resident who called Rafi, said when the actor was pushing his bicycle on the sidewalk because the traffic is dense.

"Then came a loud explosion and the players suffered injuries in the neck, but he still managed to stand," he said.

Head of Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr Pol. Joey Boy Amar, hoping even though the perpetrator in a state of severe but stable condition expected for questioning. Indonesia Today

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