Police: Kalimalang bombing is a terrorist action

Police force can not ensure whether the explosion that occurred at Jalan Kalimalang, Bekasi associated with terrorist acts. Police still need time to investigate further.

"We could not explain before any definitive results. Investigations conducted by the Jakarta Police," said National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri at Police Headquarters, Thursday, September 30, 2010.

Added Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police Commissioner Joey Boy Amar, the institute can not ensure whether the perpetrator carrying explosives to harm certain people. "We did not discover the identity card on the perpetrators," he said.

However, Boy describes the characteristics of carriers of explosives that are now suffering from severe injuries and was rushed to the hospital Kramatjati, East Jakarta. "Mustache, beard, 160 centimeters tall and explosives carried in a bag with the bike," he said.

He hopes he soon regained consciousness so that police could dig deeper about the background of this event. "We are still studying explosive material used and can not be sure whether this is related to terrorism or not," he said.

The explosion occurred at 09.00 am near Market Sumberarta, Kalimalang, Bekasi. At the crime scene, police found the distribution of nails and sawdust. Indonesia Today

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