Kalimalang Terror: Police Station to be the target

Police found some evidence from the scene of the explosion in front of the Market Sumberarta, Kalimalang, Bekasi.

According to the Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Commissioner of the Big Boy Rafli Amar, one of which was found is a letter which brought the perpetrators.

Section contents of the letter, among others, that read, "which certainly can do evil in return."

"The letter we find brought by the victims, we have secured," said Sr. Comr Boy, Thursday, September 30, 2010.

Actors, added Boy, using black bags, which put a saucepan on top.

"From the scene found evidence of black bags, pots, blast debris such as nails and powder," said Boy.

Currently, items of evidence were brought to the police station Metro Bekasi.

Meanwhile, the victim is known initials AH, suffered severe injuries and was taken to the Police Hospital.

Based on observation, roads around the site is now reopened, although still attached to the police line.

Objects suspected bomb exploded at around 09.00 am this morning. Nails scattered on the scene of the blast.

Previously, Chief of Jakarta Police Detachment 88, Commissioner Angesta Yoyol Romano said it was still investigating the type of explosives and perpetrator motivation.

"[He] passed Kalimalang Road, precisely at the location of Sumberarta Market police station about 100 meters," said Romano Sr. Comr. Indonesia Today

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