Suicide bomb in Kalimalang use bicycles

AH, a man carrying a homemade bomb exploded in Market Source Arta, Kalimalang, East Jakarta suffered injuries severe enough. In addition to cuts on his face, AH also had a broken bone.

"Condition (AH) wound on the left face and neck, a broken right arm, broken right foot," said National Police Headquarters spokesman Inspector General Kadiv Iskandar Hasan at Police Headquarters, Jalan Trunojoyo, South Jakarta, Thursday (09/30/2010).

Iskandar mangatakan, AH injured by homemade bomb he was carrying the bicycle. The bomb exploded at a police station in the region depat Kalimalang.

Kabareskrim Komjen Ito Sumardi said the explosion occurred at 08.00, right behind the cop who was directing traffic, the AKP Heri.

But so far police have not confirmed the man was related to terrorism or not. National Police Chief Gen. Bambang Hendarso Danuri (BHD) promised to reveal it tonight. Indonesia Today

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