Tarakan Riots Ends: Bugis and Tidung ceasefire

Condition Tarakan, East Kalimantan, gradually secure and peaceful. Residents began to venture out of the house. The atmosphere is conducive came after leaders of two warring sides signed a peace treaty.

"There is the signing of local community leaders. It was witnessed by authorized officers there," said Chief of Public Information Division Police Headquarters Police Commissioner Marwoto Soeto when contacted, Thursday, September 30, 2010.

The signing of the peace agreement signed last night was attended by leaders from the Communication Forum of Family Harmony Grove Tidung and South Sulawesi. The signing was also witnessed by Deputy Chief of Police Operations, Inspector General Soenarko.

"One of the contents of the agreement is no longer attack each other, maintain and control the emotions between them," said Marwoto. This morning Tarakan was throbbing. Most shops have started to open. People have started to dare to market.

Despite the peace agreement was signed, the police continue to pursue these cases which indicate criminal. "The process is still running. It is impossible to stop the criminal case," he said. This conflict has killed five people. They come from both camps. Indonesia Today

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