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DOING physical activity was not only makes the body more fit. It is said that regular physical activity can be active natural viagra.
Interestingly, the activity of sex can make the body fit. Want to know? Two sex positions covered by the Times of India following can make the body more fit you and your partner.
Missionary position
In the Indian context, more than 90 percent of couples indulge in missionary position on the bed, which seems quite satisfactory for them. As an act of balancing weight, this position clearly has a number of physical benefits. Because the missionary position is the position associated with stretching, muscle curve, and body toning.
While the man who is above, then the party which can lay as she stretched her back, arching the body, and tighten the chest and abdomen. Not only that, women also can practice muscle toning kegelnya properly during the penetration took place.
"The above will be more involved in physical activity. With the man on top, much emphasis is focused on the arms and shoulders. In addition, elbows and knees are used to maximize the while balancing position, because it stretches the muscles needed in both parts of the body. Then, thigh muscles are also working at the time of the missionary position, because you are using the pedestal (almost all) on your knee during the penetration took place, "explained Dr Shivi Jaggi, Sexologist based in Delhi.

Woman on Top (WOT)
It is said that women can orgasm quickly when you are on top of him. Women who lead the way to make love to do a very good exercise. This allows both parties to enjoy equal participation, in which women use their hands and arms to sustain the movement up and down when penertasi. Sedangan the man holding the woman's body to balance his weight.
"With the woman on top, the weight usually will be borne by male partners. Women are parties who are physically weaker during sex. You can not expect them to stand on their body mass completely. So again, it's better to exercise for men . Where they used the biceps muscle to keep their female partner. and for the helpful woman in a position to maintain a longer duration. She stretched biceps, triceps, and chest muscles to the maximum, "concludes Dr. Jaggi Shivi.

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