E-mail up to Compete with Gmail?

CALIFORNIA - up to hold the event on Monday (15/11), which is a rumor on the internet said that they would announce their e-mail service.
The announcement of 'Project Titan' This can be seen as a launching e-mail@facebook.com to overhaul the public with announcements of the message service system up as a whole. For other countries, there is no agenda plan of up to launch this product. It seems that the service is touted as the 'killer gmail' may be launched in a limited, if the e-mail service actually exists. Similarly, as quoted from the Telegraph, Sunday (14/11/2010).
Techcrunch reported that the products may be limited release, which pointed out that the e-mail may be integrated with up places, photos and events.
For this event, Facebook does not choose a location at its headquarters in Palo Alto, California, but on the show 'Web 2.0 Summit' in San Francisco, California. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly will also speak at the event.
"Messaging system on Facebook is difficult to adjust, the users have not been able to send messages outside of Facebook, and their system is not able to perform actions such as attachment and forward messages. If Facebook really wanted to compete with Google, then they should change their system to a web e-mail system in general. Day Monday we'll see what happens, "he wrote in his blog Mashable.
'Project Titan' was first mentioned by Michael Arrington from TechCrunch on its website in February last. However, it is not clear e-mail product types such as what will be launched by the up later.

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