Golf Caddy Rani Will Not Testify on Tuesday Due to Migraine

Golf caddy Rani Juliani will not take the witness stand during Antasari Azhar’s hearing in the Nasrudin Zulkarnaen murder trial on Tuesday because she is reportedly unwell. Rani’s lawyer, Jimmy Simajuntak, told the press she had received the court summons but she could not answer it because she had a migraine. Jimmy said his client will hopefully be able to testify during Thursday’s hearing. Antasari’s trial will hear from 45 witnesses, so for efficiency, the court is holding hearings twice a week on every Tuesday and Thursday. The hearings are open to public but in Rani’s case, will be closed for decency because the indictment in the case outlines details of a sexual relationship beween Rani and Antasari. The sound system will be turned off and media will not be allowed inside the room. Head judge Herri Swantoro told the press that Rani will be questioned about what happened in Room 803 of Hotel Grand Mahakam when she met with Antasari Azhar.

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