Mbah Maridjan and Maintaining Loyalty Volcanoes

                    Mbah Maridjan
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As stated in the status of Mount Merapi alert by the Center for Investigation and Technology Development in Yogyakarta Kegunungapian on Monday (25/10) at 06.00 pm, the government followed up by ordering residents around the volcano to evacuate.
The government directly intervened to evacuate people living in disaster-prone areas (KRB) III Merapi, including the Hamlet Kinahrejo, Umbulharjo Village, District Cangkringan, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta (DIY).
Most of the residents, especially elderly, children, and women are willing to take refuge in the barracks that had been provided by the government, but there are people who do not want and still stay in their homes.
Among residents who were not willing to flee Mount Merapi caretaker Ki Surakso Hargo or Mbah Maridjan. 83-year-old man remained adamant in his house, because of its responsibility as gatekeeper of the palace of Yogyakarta.
Although some parties have tried to persuade him, Mbah Maridjan remained adamant not want to evacuate and stayed at his residence which is about six kilometers from the top of the world's most active volcano.
"I still feel at home here. If I go to flee, then who would take care of this place," said the man who bears the caretaker of Mount Merapi in 1982 at his residence on Monday (25/10).
However, Mbah Maridjan ask residents obeyed the government calls to evacuate and pleaded to God for salvation does not happen that something unexpected when Merapi erupted completely.
"I ask the citizens to obey orders from the government and say your prayers to God for salvation and Merapi were not 'cough'," said the man who has three children.
According to him, God only knows when Merapi would erupt. "I do not have power anything," he said.
Attitudes do not want to evacuate was also shown Mbah Maridjan when Merapi had erupted in 2006. At that time he refused to evacuate even if persuaded by the King Palace Ngayogyakarta lane X and picked up the car for evacuation.
Men 'elderly' is still living at home to keep its promise to the late King Palace Ngayogyakarta lane IX appointed him as caretaker of Mount Merapi in 1982.
The incident was made more famous Mbah Maridjan. The popularity that makes Mbah Maridjan believed to be one of the ads star energy drink product.
Apparently the Lord wills, Merapi erupted on Tuesday (26/10) evening. Disasters are based on data up to Wednesday (27/10) resulted in tens of people injured and dozens of people dead, including Mbah Maridjan.
Men who devote themselves to keep Merapi were killed when exposed to heat clouds volcano erupted.
A member of the Youth Disaster Preparedness (Tagana) Umbulharjo village, Slamet said, the time of the sweep on Wednesday (27/10) morning found a body in a position of prostration in the house Mbah Maridjan.
"The possibility of the bodies found was Mbah Maridjan, but it is uncertain because of the face and entire body is damaged and difficult to recognize again," he said.
According to him, the corpse was found in the bathroom of a house in a prostrate position and the falling rubble walls and trees. Usually in the house is only occupied by Mbah Maridjan own.
Head of Public Relations and Legal Dr Sardjito Yogyakarta Trisna Heru Nugroho said, now Mbah Maridjan corpse was still in the Section of Forensic Medicine Dr. Sardjito Hospital, Yogyakarta.
"The body was taken by the SAR team members and into Dr. Sardjito Hospital at around 6:15 pm, the information we get from the one that brought rescue workers as they are found in conditions Mbah Maridjan wear batik shirts and sarongs," he said.
Mbah Maridjan now gone. He has kept his promise to remain faithful to keep the Mount Merapi, until his death.
Umbulharjo mayor Bejo Mulyo said, Mbah Maridjan is a person who holds fast to the principles and responsible.
Although the alert status of Merapi has, Mbah Maridjan stayed in his house as a form of responsibility towards the mandate to embrace as 'courtiers' Palace Ngayogyakarta.
"We are losing the figure that a` role model ', which has always be a place for advice. We pray that the spirit Mbah Maridjan acceptable in the sight of Allah SWT, charities received his worship and his sins forgiven, "he said.

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