Hold a monkey in Bali So Cat World News

Not unexpectedly, a wild monkey love cats and often carry over to live in the woods freely in Bali would be a discussion of the world thanks to the photographs posted on the page the Sun August 25, 2010 edition.
Affection and intimacy are two different animals are being "conditioned" for animal lovers in the world after the day before the sun contains photos and a complete video of a woman throwing a cat into a garbage can.
Familiarity rare occurrence of two animals is precisely in Bali Indonesia, foreign tourists who visited the country. Is Anne (49) tourists who are also amateur photographers photographing some monkeys familiarity with these cats because terkesimak see a rare scene.
In the photo that appeared the sun shots Anne, showed a wild monkey (not pet) is raising the androgynous male cats beige or light brown.
Monkey was classified as wild species and wild, large and has a brownish black plumage. It appears from the way a cat raised as a mother raising her child by holding the body and support it.
Disclosed, monkey or ape species like the long tail "adopt" a cat that was found in the surrounding forest. Monkeys were also embraced and lifted it to various places, to make the tourists who saw unnerved.
In fact, the tourists also widened when the monkey held the cat in her lap like telling sleep. As a parent who gives warmth to his son, the monkey was hiding cat in his arms so that more and more tourists in Bali Monkey Forest Park wanted to take a picture.

"I am very pleased and surprised to see this scene because this is not a wild monkey pets. Monkey was very protective of the cat. Looks like not like when I approached him. He tried to cover up the cat of my vision," said Anne.

Like the celebrity action, the male monkey will not have kittens so the object image. He covered the child with a leaf width - hidden from view for visitors.
When taking these unique photographs, Anne was warned by the monkey's body language, to keep their distance. Shortly after photographed by Anne, the monkey had fled into dense forest to bring the cat in the embrace. Various comments surprise, praise and gratitude of this news was flooded in the sun.
"I saw him for 30 minutes before he fled into dense forest," added Anne. And the added surprise, the cat seemed to enjoy and spoiled and under the arms according to a monkey.

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